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Barchester Healthcare (CBRE) - Fire Safety Services

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Barchester Healthcare specialise in delivering top-quality care to the people living within their homes. Barchester Healthcare offers a wide variety of care options from short- and long-term residential care to nursing services assisted living as well as registered hospitals and a range of services for adults with severe disabilities or mental health needs.

Project services

As part of a national contract with Barchester Healthcare, through facilities management provider CBRE, DFP Services provides fire safety services across a portfolio of sites across England, Scotland, and Wales. This includes servicing and maintenance:

  • Fire alarm
  • Emergency lighting
  • Fire extinguishers and ancillary equipment

As part of the contract, we deploy a national team of Engineers to deliver on the planned and reactive elements of the contract. This contract includes a reactive response time of 4-hours, which DFP Services consistently meet and better, to keep Barchester Healthcare’s site 100% compliant, 100% of the time.

DFP are able to provide a comprehensive follow-up process across our contract with CBRE, utilising our bespoke job-management system, JobWatch, to streamline all of our procedures, including ensuring first-time fix wherever possible and providing quotations in line with CBRE’s KPIs.

JobWatch allows us to track and organise follow-ups with ease, with our Engineers completing a robust job report card after every single job. This report card comprises of details of all works completed on the visit, as well as clear details of any follow-ups required. With the cloud-based system, our Estimating Team is alerted immediately following a job that follow-up works are required, allowing them to begin the quotations process. The system will pull through all the details that the Engineer has noted, enabling our Estimating Team to create an accurate and precise quotation. Once the quotation is set up on the system, a time constraint is automatically added in line with our customers’ KPIs to prompt our team to send the quotation within the required time. For CBRE, our system adds a 5-day time constraint to reflect their requirements.

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