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Supply and install new service pipework within the attic space

Project services

The customer had reported to us that the site has had major problems with the pipework within the loft due to leaks and a potential safety risk of the ceiling collapsing. We priced the works and were awarded this within a mini competition phase. These works were then mobilised and the welfare of the vulnerable residents was addressed and we worked with the customer to provide the best possible work schedule.

Works prior to start

Prior to work beginning we wrote a programme of works allowing our engineers to work seamlessly throughout the project and target deadlines. During the works we made sure that the customer was fully informed and happy with the progress.


Once the works were completed we organised a sign off visit with the customer and provided a full Health & Safety Operational Manual for all of the works undertaken as part of the project.

Heating and hot water was retained every evening without fail, disruption was minimal, the job itself was a pleasure to run and appointing DFP Services was a brilliant appointment from my view, installing over 450 meters of pipework correctly to a high standard in 8 working days, is a great achievement but to carry it out in the manor that is was done, was outstanding. It was not just the engineers carrying out the job, the communication between DFP and myself was very reassuring, with everything presented to myself before I had to ask,
A job well done

Lewis Ashworth, Senior Commercial Gas Surveyor

Places for People

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